Foundation "Song of the soul"

For a better life



was founded with the aim to teach people how they can free themselves from limiting beliefs, fears and blockades. As a result, the awareness and acceptance of one's own strength and possibilities grows. In this way people develop more self-confidence and a greater sense of self-worth and people learn how they can transform life themselves.

To this end, we work with transformative breath and sound therapy, voice expression and other therapeutic forms of music, convincing system analysis, creative therapy and body-conscious working methods.

Several activities are offered that can contribute to the goals of the association.

The vibrations of the sound and the breath penetrate into every substance, stir the smallest particles of our bodies and ourselves and are able to reorganize our 'reality'. In this way our voice, the singing and the breathing harmonize us and bring us back to a natural balance. Freedom arises when we recognize and use our inner strength.

The goal of this work is:

L'ASSOCIATION CHANT DE L'ÂME (Association THE SONG OF THE SOUL) is an association according to the French law 1901 with a non-lucrative goal, founded in 2018 by 2 therapists. (therapists integrative respiratory therapy, sound and voice therapy, bio-energetic treatments)


Les Crozes, 34700 Saint Privat, Hérault - Occitanie, France.
033 (0) 6 28 333 567

The office consists of: