About Anneke

Lifecoach, therapist and teacher

Anneke Menger

  • Integrative Breath therapist
  • Voice and sound therapist and -healer
  • Life coach
  • Spiritual counselor
  • Bio-energetic healer

Anneke has been giving private sessions, workshops, training and treatments since 1988. In the Netherlands she worked for years as a trainer and coach in a Dutch-German training institute for personal development founded by her and her husband.

Now she lives in southern France, where she works for the "Chant de l'âme" Association, (The song of the soul). She is a chairwoman of this and also takes care of the organisation of all activities from the association. She gives workshops in the Netherlands and Germany on request. She is married, mother or 2 daughters and grandmother or 3 grandchildren.

The starting point for her work and life is the integration of spirituality into everyday life.

"I love people, animals, nature, the earth, and in my own way I do what I can do." In my work, people start to learn what they can do by themselves, to improve their lives in any area. We're all looking for happiness, peace and health, and I'm just very happy when I see that happen "

On the basis of respect, love, and equality she sees every moment in her work as a learning process, in which she and her client are challenged to develop their personality. Through her love and ability to move in the other, she creates a safe environment in which her clients can and dare to be themselves.

Anneke is Dutch and speaking fluent German, English and reasonably good French. She sees it as a goal to guide people, both individually and in small groups, to the awareness of who they really are.


5-year training to integrative respiratory therapist + trainers education (www.instituut-ademtherapie.nl) with o.a.

  • Integrative respiratory therapy
  • Voice Dialogue
  • Loving Relationship work
  • Spiritual psychology
  • Polarity massage.

Other qualifications: 

  • Certified facilitator or The Work by Byron Katie
  • Sound and voice therapy
  • Loving relationship trainer
  • Inner child work
  • Energy and shadow work
  • Chakra reading and healing
  • Inner Touch

She also graduated as a church organ teacher at the Conservatory in Alkmaar.


Contact direct

Téléphone: +33 6 28 33 35 67
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Anneke Menger
thérapeute et formatrice depuis 1988